Live Lesson Setup Guide for Students

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The below guide is all-inclusive, but the McCarthy Music App will walk you through it all during the setup wizard, which launches the first time you open it.


Download the McCarthy Music app onto your iPad, PC, or Mac.


To download, open the App Store from the Download page by tapping the first green button, labeled "Available on the App Store." From the App Store, tap "Get" to start the download.


To start the download, click the second green button, labeled "Download for Windows." Once the file is downloaded, open it and follow the on-screen installation.

Before opening the app, make sure your machine has the latest version of the Google Chrome web browser installed.


To start the download, click the third green button, labeled "Download for Mac OS X." Once the file is downloaded, open it and follow the on-screen installation.

Before opening the app, make sure your machine has the latest version of the Google Chrome web browser installed.


Once you've installed the McCarthy Music app (and if you're on a PC or Mac, ensured you have the latest version of Chrome), find the McCarthy Music app icon on your iPad screen or in your Applications or Programs folder and tap or double-click to open it. When the software launches, the guided setup wizard will automatically appear to help you set up and connect your keyboard, account, and audio/video.


Connect your keyboard piano to your iPad or computer. This can be done one of two ways:

  1. Direct Connection

    • iPad

      Use a standard USB 2.0 cable and a lightning-to-USB adapter. (If you don't have an adapter, Apple sells a Lightning to USB Camera Adapter that you can use. You can also buy one on Amazon.) Connect the lightning-to-USB adapter to your iPad, then connect one end of the USB cable to the adapter and the other end to your keyboard.

      Connect iPad to a lightning-to-USB adapter, then connect a USB cable from the adapter to your keyboard

    • PC or Mac

      Connect your keyboard to your computer using a standard USB 2.0 cable.

      USB cable

  2. Bluetooth Connection

    • iPad

      1. Make sure your iPad's Bluetooth is turned on (go to your iPad's Settings > Bluetooth)
      2. Make sure your keyboard's Bluetooth is turned on
      3. In the app, on the Connecting your Keyboard screen of the setup wizard, tap the Bluetooth icon
      4. Choose your keyboard from the list of Bluetooth MIDI devices

      Note: iPad 2 doesn't support Bluetooth 4.0

    • PC
      • Windows Bluetooth is not currently supported

    • Mac

      1. On the Connecting Your Mac page of the setup wizard, click "Configure Bluetooth"
      2. Press Command(⌘) + 2 to open Midi Studio on your computer
      3. From this window, select "Bluetooth," find your keyboard's name, and click "Connect"

Once your keyboard is connected, you can edit its settings or leave them as they are. To continue, click "Next."


If you've already registered online, you don't need to fill out the form; just tap or click "Sign in here" to the right of the form to get to the login screen, then sign in using your registered email and password.

If you need to create a new account, fill out the form.

When you're logged in and ready to continue, click "Next."


  • iPad

    • Tap the image of the iPad, then tap "OK" on the prompts

  • PC or Mac

    1. Click the computer image labeled "Setup the camera connected to your current device"

      Computer icon to set up the camera connected to current device

      From here, you'll be taken through our Audio/Visual Setup Wizard on Chrome (Note: If Chrome doesn't automatically open, please open Chrome, then try again)

    2. The first screen tests your microphone (if Chrome asks for microphone and/or video access, click "Allow")

      Microphone test

      Speak at a normal volume and you should see the audio meter registering your voice. (If the meter does nothing, you may need to adjust your microphone volume or choose a different microphone from the dropdown menu.) If the meter looks good, click "Yes" to continue.

    3. The next screen tests your speakers

      Speakers test

      You should be able to hear a piano note being played. (If not, you may need to adjust your speaker volume or choose a different set of speakers from the dropdown menu.) If the sound plays at an appropriate level, click "Yes" to continue.

    4. The last screen tests your webcam

      Video test

      You should be able to see yourself on screen. (If not, you may need to choose a different webcam from the dropdown menu.) To complete the audio/visual setup wizard, click "Yes." Google Chrome will close and you will return to the McCarthy Music app.

  • Secondary camera

    1. To connect an iPhone or iPad as a secondary camera, tap or click the phone image labeled "Setup a camera connected to an external device," which will bring up a QR code

      QR code screen

    2. On your secondary iPhone or iPad, download the McCarthy Piano Camera app from the App Store
    3. Open the McCarthy Piano Camera app (allow camera access if prompted)
    4. To link your secondary camera to the main app, scan the QR code (point your iPhone or iPad camera at it)

  Starting a Lesson

  1. In the McCarthy Music app, log in to the account that has a lesson scheduled

  2. Click or tap Live Lessons

  3. Click Live Lessons from main screen

  4. Under Current Lessons, look for your teacher's name and click or tap Join

  5. Click or tap Join from Live Lessons screen

  6. If you need to set up your camera, you'll be taken to Google Chrome to complete the 3-step audio/video setup wizard (if Chrome doesn't open on its own, open Chrome)

  7. After you finish setting up your camera, switch back to the app (if needed, you can connect your keyboard and/or additional cameras from this setup status screen)

  8. Setup status screen

  9. When you're ready to enter the lesson, click or tap "I Am Ready"

If your teacher is already ready and waiting, the lesson will start automatically. If your teacher is not yet ready, you'll see a screen showing your teacher's status and the lesson will start when your teacher is ready.

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