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5 / 5 stars
Amazing! Melissa was amazing with my daughter! She was so patient and kind and my daughter is usually shy amd has a hard time talking with strangers. She can not wait until her next lesson! Kevin was so helpful in getting us set up and going! We look forward to being long time customers. We are so pleased!!!
- Katti
Review of Melissa Juarez on 1/10/2019

5 / 5 stars
Very Happy with Melissa and McCarthy Music! The lessons have been great, my daughter really likes Melissa. Thanks so much, and I've already told my sister, she's thinking about it for her daughter.
- Havala
Review of Melissa Juarez on 11/12/2018

5 / 5 stars
If you want to learn piano... Sara is your woman. She is able to teach to whatever level you may be at and scale the level of the lessons to meet you where you are very quickly. Whether you're brand new, someone who used to play and is coming back or someone who knows music but doesn't have much experience with piano, Sara can make the lessons work for you.

I am in my 30s, participated in band, orchestra and choir through college but never formally picked up the piano. Therefore I already know how to read music for the most part, know some theory, and can dablle through simple things already on the piano. Sara has been great making sure that I am challenged while still ensuring that I get the basic fundamentals down that I've never been trained on before.

I would highly recommend Sara to anyone who is considering starting lessons at whatever level you are at!
- anonymous
Review of Sara Vogeler on 10/12/2018

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Instructors are available to teach in Camden, NC
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Nikiya E
Nikiya is a professional pianist/singer/composer/songwriter from New York. She began her training at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music and was honored to performed at venues such as Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. Her love of music began at the age of 5 when she started learning how to play the piano. By 12, she began teaching all ages how to play as well. Teaching at such a young age taught her how to connect with others through music and truly understand the art of teaching music. By combining... read more
30 minute rate:
  (regular price: $33.33)
Years Experience: 28

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Laura L Taylor
I love teaching students music and I have been doing so since my student teaching days in 1997. I have taught several different topics over the years. Lately, I have been building my music lessons business, Premier Music and Vocal lessons.
30 minute rate:
  (regular price: $25.00)
Years Experience: 22

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Nicolas Farias
I graduated from Berklee College of Music with the degrees of Contemporary Writing & Production and Music Production & Engineering. I've played the piano since I was 11 years old and I use it every day on my compositions and arrangements, some which have been awarded with a Latin Grammy for Best Children's Album of The Year and an award by BMI at the Latin Billboards. My goal is to make piano lessons as fun as it was for me back when I started. I can teach you popular songs you listen on the... read more
30 minute rate:
  (regular price: $25.00)
Years Experience: 4
English, Spanish

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Eclipse Music School
Inicie mis Estudios de Piano a los 17 Años en la Casa de la Cultura, posteriormente estudié en la Escuela Manuel M Ponce la carrera de Música y continue mis estudios en la Escuela de Musica Sacra y de ahí empecé a estudiar Órgano en el Istituto Muscal Aguascalientes, me ofrecieron capacitarme con el Sistema Yamaha de la cual Asistí a Seminarios en la Ciudad de México, obteniendo Diplomas y ceritifados, en el año de 1989 me ofrecieron comprar dicho instituto para continuar como dueño de la Escuela.... read more
30 minute rate:
  (regular price: $25.00)
Years Experience: 33

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Joba Aladeselu
24 year old recently moving from NYC to LA to pursue music full-time, Joba has a passion for the piano combined with a warm spirit. Joba works well with all ages and always provide great organization methods and lessons to give students a thorough training course.
30 minute rate:
  (regular price: $16.66)
Years Experience: 3

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