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5 / 5 stars
These lessons are amazing! My son Louie's lessons with Ruth have been amazing. I can't speak highly enough of how much I love the online lesson platform that McCarthy Music offers! This is truly revolutionary and I don't know why everybody else isn't doing this! I'm so glad I found out about McCarthy music! The company's customer service is also amazing.
- pursuing my dreams
Review of Ruth Regan on 11/13/2018

5 / 5 stars
If you want to learn piano... Sara is your woman. She is able to teach to whatever level you may be at and scale the level of the lessons to meet you where you are very quickly. Whether you're brand new, someone who used to play and is coming back or someone who knows music but doesn't have much experience with piano, Sara can make the lessons work for you.

I am in my 30s, participated in band, orchestra and choir through college but never formally picked up the piano. Therefore I already know how to read music for the most part, know some theory, and can dablle through simple things already on the piano. Sara has been great making sure that I am challenged while still ensuring that I get the basic fundamentals down that I've never been trained on before.

I would highly recommend Sara to anyone who is considering starting lessons at whatever level you are at!
- anonymous
Review of Sara Vogeler on 10/12/2018

5 / 5 stars
So far, very impressed! We were happy to find Ryan and McCarthy Piano when my son's piano teacher in our rural town retired. Jackson (10 years old) has enjoyed each lesson with Ryan and looks forward to the next one. Ryan seems very knowledgeable and patient. The app works great and Jackson has been practicing regularly. Also, the customer support from McCarthy has been amazing from the very beginning!
- Karen Barr
  (Nebraska City)
Review of Ryan Lawless on 3/5/2019

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Joba Aladeselu
24 year old recently moving from NYC to LA to pursue music full-time, Joba has a passion for the piano combined with a warm spirit. Joba works well with all ages and always provide great organization methods and lessons to give students a thorough training course.
30 minute rate:
  (regular price: $16.66)
Years Experience: 3

Profile picture
Jason Cairati
Jason Cairati is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, playing and writing music in varying styles from jazz, pop, rock, classical, and EDM. A graduate of Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA. Jason had the privilege to work and perform with the world-renowned alto saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa, playing a range of indo-jazz and free jazz compositions. A strong background in teaching at music schools teaching all ages in all different styles. He has done a range of work for video... read more
30 minute rate:
  (regular price: $49.99)
Years Experience: 12

Profile picture
Rick Carfa
RICK CARFA PIANO/KEYBOARD LESSONS Rick Carfa has been involved in the music industry for over 40 years and has played with many talented musicians such as the James Clay Band, Duane Durrett and David (Fat Head) Newman from the Ray Charles Band, Bill Tillman of The Blood, Sweat & Tears, members of the Maynard Ferguson Band, His own bands Tocar, Logical Blueprint and many hall of fame musicians from... read more
30 minute rate:
  (regular price: $25.00)
Years Experience: 42

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Emily Eisa
Emily Eisa is a 23 year old pianist/producer/singer/songwriter from Houston TX, currently living in LA. Having been a piano teacher for the past 7 years, it excites her to include as many people as possible in the music world and to enjoy the art of the piano!
30 minute rate:
  (regular price: $33.33)
Years Experience: 7

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Martin Batista
I have been teaching private piano lessons for 14 years in the Miami, California and NY areas.
 I teach beginner, inter-mediate and advanced students ranging in age from 6 years old to well into their 70s and beyond.
 I teach all styles from Classical, Rock, and various Latin styles, Reggae, Soca, Pop, Jazz, Fusion, Blues and Country. 
 I incorporate the style of music the student is interested in learning as well as teaching the student a variety of classical and jazz pieces, music theory, ear... read more
30 minute rate:
  (regular price: $41.66)
Years Experience: 15
English, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Spanish

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