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"One of the Coolest New Gadgets of 2015! Learning to play piano can be tough....." Read More
"If I had the Illuminating Piano by McCarthy Music things might have been different and I wouldn't be the instrument-challenged person I am today...I'm not going to lie, I got sucked into its lights within seconds, and so too did my colleagues Dasha and Annie." Read More
TODAY with Kathy Lee and Hoda
"This thing is awesome - I want one! You guys it is crazy, you can learn to play the piano!"
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"I tried the Illuminating Piano at the McCarthy Music offices in Seattle last week, prior to its release, and I was quickly hooked…Within a few minutes I was recognizing the tune and feeling good enough about my progress that I didn’t want to stop."Read More
Ballard News Tribune
"With very minimal experience on the keys, this reporter managed to string a few notes in Billy Joel’s melody and had a mighty fine time doing it. That’s a result of McCarthy’s new machine that is changing the way people learn to play the piano by way of a dynamic system of hardware and software. "
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King5 New Day Northwest
"Learning to play the piano just got a whole lot easier! I am psyched about this."
Watch this great 7 minute segment on Seattle TV
The Music & Sound Retailer
"The Illuminating Piano works in conjunction with the company’s custom software for an educational experience that calls to mind a piano-centric version of Guitar Hero. "Read More
Seattle Times
"The patented, $599 device works with iOS and Windows devices that display music as colored keys light up, showing beginners which keys to press. "Read More
The Gadgeteer
"This piano shows you exactly how to play it"Read More
"McCarthy Music has introduced the Illuminating Piano, a MIDI controller with integrated LEDs that are designed to work with software and a “cloud-friendly piano learning system,” to accelerate the development of piano skills. "
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USA Today
"The Illuminating Piano lights up to teach you how to play songs."Read More
Music News
"Beyond it’s futuristic appearance, it is designed to teach students to play via light-up keys and features four different modes of play aimed at keyboardists at all levels of learning."Read More
Orange County Register
"Five cool things at NAMM: The Illuminating Piano, 61-key keyboard, teaches students how to play using light-up keys and a sheet-music app that can be set at different speeds."Read More
Diversity News
"Another wonderful and striking innovation was Illuminating Piano. The keys have velocity, and have a wonderful traditional feel to them."Read More
Diversity News
"2015 NAMM Show Getting More High-tech: One device that was getting a great deal of attention was the Illuminating piano by McCarthy Music. Watch their demo. it is a fun, short video well worth watching."Read More