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5 / 5 stars
Phenomenal Instructor and Platform Our less was phenomenal .My child enjoyed the one on one and do look forward to continuing lessons with Aviva. While on a visit with my child’s Neurologist today he asked of my child’s hobbies .My child’s Neurologist stated that McCarthy Music Platform is the better fit for my child .The Neurologist confirmed that McCarthy Music Platform is therapeutic and helps in stimulating the brain in those with sensory issues such as my child .
- Bridget Jackson
  (Phenix City)
Review of Aviva Aranovich on 2/11/2019

5 / 5 stars
An amazing, and surprising experience I am incredibly surprised by how great the online instruction experience has been. NIkiya has been incredible in figuring out my daughter's weaknesses and strengths and working to build and improve her skills. I am really looking forward to seeing her improve and grow in her piano knowledge and abilities. The convenience of the online schedule is perfect for our family. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a way to learn to play or improve their skills.
- Fernanda
Review of Nikiya E on 2/9/2019

5 / 5 stars
Great teacher Ryan is a truly excellent piano teacher. He is patient, knowledgeable, and makes the lessons a pleasure. He is also a great pianist and demonstrates on the keyboard how the pieces should be played.
I also love the McCarthy website. The technology is state of the art and not having to drive to and from a lesson is great. Kevin McCarthy is also extraordinarily responsive and answers any and all questions.
- Ken
Review of Ryan Lawless on 1/28/2019

5 / 5 stars
Amy and Madison Goda Madison just started with Sara and she has fallen in love with Piano!! Sara is easy to learn from and is very sweet!! Madison was playing a song with chords after her first 30 minutes. I would highly recommend Sara and Mcarthy music for piano lessons. So nice to be able to do it from home and the company support has been amazing.

- Amy
Review of Sara Vogeler on 1/22/2019

5 / 5 stars
I highly recommend McCarthy Music and Kevin I was so amazed by Kevin and his ability to connect with my son Supreme on his level. It was simply amazing to sit in on a virtual lesson and watch his ability to listen to something Supreme had composed and then be able to turn it around and make it a teachable moment. He explained to him Importance of knowing how to not only read music but learn how to write it as well. Just from the two lessons I am convinced I will probably never do the conventional way of taking piano lessons again. The level of professionalism both Kevin and Melissa displayed has been phenomenal, I am so satisfied and could not ask for anything more.This is hands down the most cost effective, convenient, fun and did I mention convenient way for my son to take lessons. I pride myself on making sure my children have the best and McCarthy music has made it possible for me to bring the best teachers from all over the world into my home, and I don’t even have to leave to do it.
- Supreme
Review of Kevin Maddox on 1/18/2019

5 / 5 stars
Great Piano Teacher I just had our first lesson with Mellissa for my daughter and we did have a great experience. We are looking forward to our next lesson and my daughter is very excited about it.
- Sezay
Review of Melissa Juarez on 1/15/2019

5 / 5 stars
Amazing! Melissa was amazing with my daughter! She was so patient and kind and my daughter is usually shy amd has a hard time talking with strangers. She can not wait until her next lesson! Kevin was so helpful in getting us set up and going! We look forward to being long time customers. We are so pleased!!!
- Katti
Review of Melissa Juarez on 1/10/2019

5 / 5 stars
Great Teacher! I have had 2 lessons with Melissa so far, and I have already learned so much! She is patient and helpful, listens to my needs and challenges me to improve. Definitely recommend!
- Jennifer
Review of Melissa Juarez on 12/17/2018

5 / 5 stars
Patient and personable! Joel was reassuring and patient with my first online piano lesson. He walked me through everything and made it seem like it was like being there. It really makes a difference to have a good teacher like him when doing online lessons.
- Linda
Review of Joel Brandon on 11/30/2018

5 / 5 stars
Love my lessons with Melissa This is such a great set up and I don't have to leave home. Melissa is a great teacher and very personable.
- Lois
Review of Melissa Juarez on 11/17/2018

5 / 5 stars
Great way of learning and a great deal! I just signed up for my first lesson. The process was extremely easy. I’m looking forward to learning this way.
Update: I just had my first lesson and it went better than I could have hoped for. It was like I was right there with my instructor.
I didn’t have any issues with the technology and I think I’m off to a great start.
He and I agreed on a time for next week.
If you are reading these reviews on FB don’t wait another second.
Great way of learning and a great deal! Get signed up folks.

I feel like I’m improving so much. I love this.
- Luke
Review of Kevin Maddox on 11/16/2018

5 / 5 stars
These lessons are amazing! My son Louie's lessons with Ruth have been amazing. I can't speak highly enough of how much I love the online lesson platform that McCarthy Music offers! This is truly revolutionary and I don't know why everybody else isn't doing this! I'm so glad I found out about McCarthy music! The company's customer service is also amazing.
- pursuing my dreams
Review of Ruth Regan on 11/13/2018

5 / 5 stars
Very Happy with Melissa and McCarthy Music! The lessons have been great, my daughter really likes Melissa. Thanks so much, and I've already told my sister, she's thinking about it for her daughter.
- Havala
Review of Melissa Juarez on 11/12/2018

5 / 5 stars
If you want to learn piano... Sara is your woman. She is able to teach to whatever level you may be at and scale the level of the lessons to meet you where you are very quickly. Whether you're brand new, someone who used to play and is coming back or someone who knows music but doesn't have much experience with piano, Sara can make the lessons work for you.

I am in my 30s, participated in band, orchestra and choir through college but never formally picked up the piano. Therefore I already know how to read music for the most part, know some theory, and can dablle through simple things already on the piano. Sara has been great making sure that I am challenged while still ensuring that I get the basic fundamentals down that I've never been trained on before.

I would highly recommend Sara to anyone who is considering starting lessons at whatever level you are at!
- anonymous
Review of Sara Vogeler on 10/12/2018

5 / 5 stars
Fabulous Teacher!! We connected with Thomas for my 9 year old son who is a beginner. Thomas is creative, patient, and caters the lesson to Fynn's interest in composing. I really appreciate the way Thomas teaches; his lessons are age appropriate and do not feel like standard, boring lessons. He is punctual and professional as well. We have had a GREAT experience with McCarthy Piano; this business exceeded our expectations with individualized attention to the learning curve using the app, super friendly service, and kind personal interactions. We highly recommend this teacher and this business!
- fynnius
Review of Thomas Kresge on 10/8/2018

5 / 5 stars
I'm hooked I had the best instruction of my life. Joel was amazing and enjoys music that aligns with my interests. He’s a natural teacher and he really took time to teach me things that only a teacher (vs. recorded) could do.

I was nervous and left elated. I’m so grateful I found your Technology.

I’m hooked. Thank you.
- Robby
Review of Joel Brandon on 10/4/2018

5 / 5 stars
Ryan is great! I've been taking lessons with Ryan for some time now and I can say that from the very first lesson I was hooked! Not only is the app so easy to interact with, but it allows Ryan to see what notes I'm playing and give me direction face to face via video.

He's been patient and encouraging throughout my first few very beginner lessons which gave me the confidence to want to move forward with him. He is very intuitive into how I like to learn and is very knowledgeable about music theory in general.

I'm not afraid to mess up in front of Ryan and I know I can always lean on him to correct me and challenge me to be better with each lesson we have.

I love being able to pull up our video lessons and songs that we discussed throughout the lesson so that I can practice them on my own between sessions. The app has a 'learn' mode that points out any wrong notes played which is fantastic. The instant feedback is super helpful for me.

I also want to point out that the customer support is incredible!
- Edita
Review of Ryan Lawless on 10/3/2018