Enagage your students and generate revenue by partnering with McCarthy Music!
The McCarthy Music Instructor Program
An additional revenue stream for you
Earn 10% commission when students purchase an Illuminating Piano or purchase digital goods from the McCarthy Music App.
Make practice time more exciting and efficient
With McCarthy Music’s multiplatform software, students can listen to how the music should sound, see the correct keys to play, and then get immediate feedback on their performance. Your students won’t waste any time practicing mistakes!

Track students’ progress when they share their practice data with you; including the time and date of practice, songs played, and progress.

* McCarthy Music may require additional information to verify eligibility for the Instructor Affiliate Program

McCarthy Music is perfect for any teaching studio!
Better engage your students! Students using the McCarthy Music app at home are more excited to practice than students using regular sheet music.

Set up an Illuminating Piano in your waiting room for students to warmup on or practice with afterwards.

Use the McCarthy Music app and multiple Illuminating Pianos to teach group classes more effectively.

Help your student find the right sheet music during lessons and begin working on it immediately – no more waiting weeks for the student to go to the store on their own.

Reach young students that love video games and impress parents by incorporating technology into your lessons.

Reduce the parent workload at home! Give parents a break from monitoring their child’s practice time, the McCarthy Music app will do that for them!

Take advantage of exclusive instructor discounts to purchase a piano for your studio.