McCarthy MusicTeach your students from home!
Teaching with McCarthy Music is Convenient, Financially Rewarding, and Flexible
Teach Piano Lessons from Home

Extend Your Teaching Day

You’re no longer constrained by the typical busy hours of your location. Teach earlier in the afternoon, or later in the night, or whenever you want, really. This allows you to make more money by working more hours per day, if you want.

Time in between lessons isn’t dead time

When you’re already at home, and you’ve got half an hour in between lessons, that’s not a problem. No more wasting time in between lessons, be productive at home, or relax, your choice!
McCarthy Music Handles Everything but the Teaching
Piano Score Viewer Integrated into the Live Piano Lesson Experience
McCarthy Music will provide all of the systems that both you and the student need, so your time can be spent teaching, and the student’s time can be spent learning.

Billing and scheduling

We provide the student all the billing, and provide you with twice monthly checks delivered to your front door.

Technology platform

For students, our software works on Mac computers and iPads, and our PC edition is being updated as we speak.

World-class video chat

Customized and optimized for piano instruction, with really high quality audio, and multi-camera support. You get what you pay for with video chat. Skype is free, our solution is not.

Recording of lesson audio and video

If the student chooses to, we record audio and video of their lesson, and provide storage of those large video files, and access to them from the McCarthy Music Cloud.

Recording of lesson events

We automatically save and organize things that you send the student, including files (such as PDF’s or images), and compositions. The student can later review the files, and practice the compositions. You also have access to this. This will eventually include homework and notes and things like that.

World-class piano practice software

In addition to working fantastically in a live-lesson environment, our software is free to end users, and works great for normal piano practice, with numerous features and options described in more detail here.