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Teach Piano Lessons from Home
Together, we’re revolutionizing how piano is taught, and learned

Our Live Lessons platform is much more powerful than just video chat through Skype or something similar. We’ve integrated the entire experience, including video chat, score viewer, file sharing, musical composition sharing, MIDI data communication, and numerous other real-time interactivity features. Then, we’ve given you the keys to the kingdom, controlling the entire experience for the student, because you can easily become an expert on our software, the student never has to.
Free Training Included
Teach Piano Lessons from Home
All teachers who are accepted onto our platform will also receive complementary training from McCarthy Music staff, prior to ever giving any lessons through our platform. We’ve designed the system to be easy to use and understand. We’ll help you make the best use of all the tools at your disposal.
Giving Lessons through McCarthy Music Software
Teach Piano Lessons from Home
Lessons through our system are easy to manage, highly engaging for your students, and can be recorded by the student for playback later. Let’s walk through some of the features included in Live Lesson platform for teachers.

Score Sharing
Teach Piano Lessons from Home
Your musical score is synched with your student’s.

Your musical score on your computer is synched with your student’s. When you modify settings on your score viewer, those changes are reflected on your student’s system as well. For example, if you choose to display the note names in the note head, or slow down the tempo, the actions that you take are automatically applied to the students system too. So in essence you are setting up your environment exactly how you want the student to be setup. When you push “play”, the student is prompted to start playing.
Multiple Cameras for both Student and Teacher
Teach Piano Lessons from Home
You control what everyone sees

In an industry first, our application supports multiple cameras, turning each camera on and off when you tell them too. Both participants in the lesson, student and teacher, can have multiple cameras setup. You should have at least two cameras; the student may only have one.

  • Your primary camera will be one connected to your computer.
  • Your secondary camera should be pointed at your hands playing your keyboard. This secondary camera is just your cell phone, running some software that we’ve built.
  • Your student can also have multiple cameras, and you can control which camera you are viewing. So you can be looking at their face for video chat, and then switch to their hands during practice sessions.
Score Library
Teach Piano Lessons from Home
Many Options for What to Work on

You can choose which piece to work on in real time, and send that score to the student. There are several different methods to choose what to work on:

  • McCarthy Music has a library of over 100 different exercises that you can use immediately and free of charge.
  • We have a catalog of over 1,500 songs from across all musical genres in our score library available for purchase, if your student would like to customize what they want to learn.
  • You can also upload your own files for your students to use. We encourage you to do this, to further personalize your student’s experiences by uploading any arrangements that you have in MusicXML format.
File Sharing
Teach Piano Lessons from Home
Send Images or PDFs in Real-Time

  • You can send any type of files directly to the student in real time through the application.
  • If you have an image, or a PDF, that illustrates a point you would like to make, simply select it and send it.
  • • Once sent, it will automatically open on the student’s machine, and store on their machine for later access.