McCarthy MusicTeach your students from home!
Why Would I Want To Join?
Why Would you Want to Teach Piano Lessons with McCarthy Music?
The benefits to the Teacher:

Teaching lessons with McCarthy Music has huge benefits to you as a teacher, as well as your students.

  • Teach from the comfort of your home, no need to drive a students house, or visit the studio.
  • You control the entire lesson experience. You can demonstrate things using video chat, and then send them a MusicXML based score of yours to work on (or choose one of ours), and watch their hands as they play.
  • Increase the length of your teaching day. With physical in-person lessons you are limited to who is physically near you. Go global with McCarthy Music, and teach extend your teaching day by teaching in distant geographies. It’s always 3-7PM somewhere!
  • Completely free for teachers. There’s no signup fees, no maintenance fees, no fees of any type.
  • Twice monthly checks mailed to you. We’ll pay you twice per month for all lessons given.
The World's First Live Lesson Software Specifically For Piano
Teach Piano Lessons from Home
This isn't a simple video chat app
You can extend your teaching day, increase customer retention, and earn more money by partnering with McCarthy Music.
An Integrated Piano Score Viewer
Piano Score Viewer Integrated into the Live Piano Lesson Experience
McCarthy Music is the World’s first piano lesson software that integrates video chat and digital sheet music work. While teaching a lesson, you can be video chatting with the student, and then send them a MusicXML based score (or select one of ours to use), and that score will come up automatically on the students screen. You can also select all the playing options for the student, such as tempo, metronome, and many others.
Benefits For Your Students:
Live Lesson Benefits for your Students
The benefits to the Student:

Teaching lessons with McCarthy Music has huge benefits your students.

  • Minimal technical expertise is required for students. They only have to log into the McCarthy Music application, and from their point of view, the rest is just magic.
  • Your students can record the whole lesson! And not just the video components, the scores and files that you send them to work on are cataloged by date. Your students will have a cataloged version of each lesson that they take from you, and just as important, they can work on the files you sent them through the week.
  • Practice data – we are currently storing this, so in the future you can expect reports on exactly what your students practiced, for how long, and where they struggled specifically.
  • They don’t have to waste time driving to your location, parking at your location, and if it’s a parent with a child, they don’t have to sit there wasting time during your lesson.
  • Technology can make your students more successful! Our software features a full digital score viewer that can be zoomed into, and can read any MusicXML based score.
  • Direct connection to your student’s keyboard via USB or Bluetooth allows instant feedback on what they’re playing.