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Why Would you Want to Teach Piano Lessons with McCarthy Music?
Learn to play piano online with real teachers using an app designed just for piano
  • FREE software custom-built for online piano lessons
  • Works with any piano (real or digital) or MIDI keyboard
  • Award-winning teachers thoroughly vetted and trained
  • More effective practice with instant on-screen feedback
  • Thousands of songs to choose from in all genres and skill levels
Why Would you Want to Teach Piano Lessons with McCarthy Music?
There's never been a good online solution for learning piano... until now.
Live remote piano lessons with McCarthy Music can be done from the comfort of home (or wherever you are!). You can chat online with teachers before booking, and your schedule is always in your control. The software is loaded with features to accelerate your learning, yet it's easy to use. You can keep archives of all your lessons, automatically organized. The interactive scoreviewer makes practice fun. And we're adding cool new features all the time (we're always open to ideas; just drop us a line).

Skype is for phone calls. McCarthy Music is for learning piano.