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Liseth D. Los Angeles, CA 7/23/2015 I LOVE this piano and am so very happy to have it in my home. I've always wanted to play the piano but always felt it would be impossible without private lessons. But after just one day with the McCarthy Illuminating Piano I can already feel my dream coming true. It is so easy to use and I was able to set it up in no time! I spent just a few hours practicing a song and I could not believe how much I was able to play! It makes the impossible possible in the comfort of your own home. I love it so much and can't live without it now!
Paul Korman Colorado 8/12/2015 Game Changer! My daughter Morgyn is 13 years old and has been playing piano for about 5 years off and on. Just 2 months since receiving our McCarthy Piano her dexterity, memory and overall skills have easily matched and exceeded all previous 5 years. Like myself, she is a very Right brained individual and the logic oriented 'box' that traditional learning often keeps us in is just uninviting at best to musicians like her. With the McCarthy suddenly all senses are awakened and intrigued and motivation is endless with integration of songs she actually wants to play (crazy idea huh?!). As a standardized test doesn't work for every child neither does 400 year old teaching techniques and our family is blessed McCarthy came along and rewrote the rule book for a whole generation of beautiful, exciting and colorful people! Thank you! Paul & Ashley Korman For Morgyn Zebell
Jude O'S. Wilkesboro, NC 8/13/2015 Ingenious technology and great learning tool I am a musician and technology guy and this piano exceeds both expectations. I have always wanted to learn how to play piano. I am a drummer and play a bit of guitar but learning piano has always seemed like a daunting endeavor until I found MCarthy’s Illuminating Piano. The satisfaction I got from being able to actually play a song right out of the gate was immense and provides motivation to continue to learn. The fact that it guides you through each note and actually teaches you how to eventually independently play a song by reading sheet music is the difference between a flashy novelty gadget and what the Illuminating piano is - which is a genuine teaching instrument. I had a few glitches early on and the staff, including the founder, was extremely responsive and stand by their product. Very cool technology!
Matt M. Neenah, WI 9/28/2015 My daughters face is like the keyboard when you first plug it in, it lights right up! I have never played a musical instrument but I am a big fan of cool stuff in general so when I saw this online I thought well this looks like a great investment. I played a little bit yesterday in learn mode, then played on my own after practicing for awhile and I played first little part of a song. That was cool for me to see that progress, otherwise some stickers on a keyboard whatever to help learn, forget it I wouldn't have learned that. I wouldn't have really been interested either for the most part. You should be very proud of yourself. Awesome innovative idea, excellent execution on product & great service.
Catharine W Fulshear, TZ 11/9/2015 It is awesome--we just got ours and love it! A very cool product!
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Belinda K BOSSIER CITY, LA 12/22/2015 This piano is a game changer and I think it will go down in the music history books. The McCarthy Illuminating piano is WONDERFUL! I took lessons when I was a child, but I never got past book 3. Last year, I started taking lessons again. I was online shopping for a mini-piano for my grandson because he interrupts me when I practice, and I saw the McCarthy Illuminating piano. I was intrigued. The piano plays the song and the keys light up along with the sheet music on my screen. Really? This was so intriguing I decided to give it a try…and it has been so much fun. The first thing you’ll notice is that it is easy to operate. I downloaded the software to my laptop (My daughter took my iPad and I don’t have Bluetooth, so I had to use the plug that came with the piano), then read a few of the instructions. But mainly I followed what the guy did on the YouTube Video at the NAMM show. The piano plays and the keys light up so you can follow it. You can stop it, start over, slow it down, skip to a specific measure, and even let it play one hand while you play the other. You can download songs you want to learn from their online store and can request songs if you don’t see the one you want. This is amazing technology. I go to a piano lesson, get home, and forget everything – even when I record it on my phone-which is so distracting in class. This piano is a game changer for students and teachers! It has a program to guide me through each song. It is so much fun watching as I earn stars while I get better. That's when I get a chance to play it. My husband has taken ov
Joe C. Miami, florida 2/1/2016 Love this product you should by one right now! The McCarthy music piano is truly outstanding product. I purchased one in December 2015 but mine came damaged due to shipping. The CEO Kevin McCarthy music piano reached out to me to see how it was going with my new purchase, and I told him what had happened to me. Eventhou, I purchased my piano thru third party vendor, he wanted to make things was right with me. He offered to replace free of charge and offered me a $50 worth of Sheet music credits for my troubles. So I received a new piano and I love the piano, my progress with learning the piano went from leaps and bounds. I am playing my favorite songs thanks to Kevin and his wonderful manager Lauren. They made my experience very pleasurable and I highly recommend that you purchase the keyboard directly from them. I am truly grateful for their warm hospitality and making my experience pleasurable.
Alberta W. Springfield, MA 7/23/2015 It really works! This piano is the best – I can now play a song.
Vinay P. Burlington, MA 7/23/2015 Just started really using it this morning. Takes some getting used to but I'm loving it. I have some good ideas/suggestions for improving the experience/software which I will gather/submit after I've played with it a few more days.
Diep Nguyen Livermore, Ca 7/28/2015 A wonderful device I have had this piano for a few weeks now and it is time for me to write a review of my experience of the device, software and the people that stand behind it. I am new to piano but not new to musical instruments as I have played guitar for many years. Summary: I really enjoy playing this piano. It is a wonderful device to help a beginner like me learns to play piano. I feel happy every time I sat down and play this device. The lighted keys and the accompanied software is what differentiate it from what is available on the market today. It helps make learning a lot more effective and fun. The people at this company are pleasant to deal with and they have addressed all of my concerns quickly.
Jason T. Seattle, WA 7/23/2015 It's a leg up to practicing songs. Repetition is still required, but it's an easy way to get started. I really like mine.
Tien S. Sammamish, WA 7/23/2015 I love it! Works quite well and I love the colors!