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Live piano lessons
from great teachers,
all from the comfort of home
Mac, iPad and PC
Multiple Cameras
Works with any
Keyboard or Piano
No travel
for lessons!
File &
Score Sharing
Live piano lessons in our software are better than face-to-face lessons!

Remote Piano Instruction Technology
No Time Wasted
  • Neither the teacher nor the student has to travel for our piano lessons. We know your time is precious.
  • Try your first lesson today. There's no risk—if you're not satisfied, we'll give you your money back.
Live Piano Experts to Give Remote Lessons
Great Teachers
  • Award-winning teachers have been flocking to our platform because they hate travel and wasted time as much as you do.
  • We give our teachers free training on the platform so they can drive the piano lesson experience, and you can focus on learning.
  • We have an extensive vetting process—approximately 10% of teachers who apply are accepted.
The world's first technology platform for remote piano lessons
We've spent years working on this platform, getting everything just right. Teachers and students love it. You can find a piano teacher right now, or continue reading to learn more.

Modern Technology for Piano Lessons
Multiple Cameras for Piano Lessons
Multi-Camera Support
  • Your teacher will have multiple cameras: one for face-to-face communication, and at least one other camera to demonstrate, showing their hands on their keyboard.
  • You can have several cameras if you want as well, using something you already have handy as a camera: your phone!
  • Best of all, camera setup is easy to do. Just download the McCarthy Piano Camera app from the Apple App Store.
Integrated Score Viewer for Remote Instruction
Integrated Score Viewer
  • This isn't just video chat. This is a complete solution designed just for piano. Your instructor sends you musical scores during the lesson, and sets you up to play the piece, with just the perfect settings for your skill level.
  • All the features of our software have been adapted for the live lesson experience.
  • Your teacher can control the tempo of your score, which area of the score you should work on, which hand to play with, and numerous other features that make the live lesson easy to operate in.
Record Your Piano Lessons for Later Playback
Record Piano Lessons
  • There's nothing worse than practicing something incorrectly for a week in between lessons. With optional lesson recording, you can access videos of your lessons after the fact.
  • Not only can you record the video and audio of both you and your instructor, we keep track of everything that occurred during the lesson, including:
    • What songs you practiced
    • What files you received
    • Any annotations or notes your teacher made for you
  • After your lesson, you end up with a nicely organized set of information, available from the app in "My Stuff" > "My Live Lessons"
Integrated Score Viewer for Remote Instruction
File Sharing and Annotations
  • Your teacher can send you files (PDFs, images, videos) to view in real time together, or for you to review later.
  • When you're looking at a score together, your teacher can give you custom notes that you can view anytime.
Your Teacher Controls Your Whole Piano Lesson
Your Teacher Controls the Whole Experience
  • You don't need to be a technology expert to use our software! We've trained your teacher to drive the lesson.
  • Our instructors know all the details of how the software works, and they control the entire experience so you can focus on learning.
  • Within each score, the teachers have countless options to customize your learning experience, optimized to your age and ability level.
Keyboard MIDI Data Passes Through Our Software During Live Piano Lessons
On-Screen Keyboard
  • When your teacher demonstrates something, you'll see and hear them playing through video chat, with a dedicated camera pointing directly at their hands on the piano.
  • You'll also have a keyboard on your screen so that:
    • The notes that your teacher plays will light up on this animated keyboard in real time.
    • When you're practicing a song in Learn Mode, your teacher can choose to show this keyboard so you can see where the next notes are located on your keyboard.
The Illuminating Piano

There's Nothing To Learn Before You Play This Piano! Learning to play the piano is difficult, and not very fun. We think our product can change that.

The Illuminating Piano is a 61-key midi controller (piano), with each key capable of illuminating brilliantly and evenly in any possible color combination. Our piano leads you through the songs that you want to play. You can see the notes on the keyboard that you're supposed to play. You can hear the notes as they are supposed to sound, in conjunction with the other notes. And most importantly, you can play. Yes, you. You can play piano now. This is the piano that anyone can play.

The Illuminating Piano connects to the McCarthy Music Software via a USB cable (for PC and Mac), or wirelessly via BlueTooth® (for iPad and Mac). Unlike many portable keyboards, our sound synthesizer is on your computing device, in software. Music DJ's and Producers have been using this technology for years now, and we think it's time that everyone gets to share in the fun.

Personalization Personalization Customized settings for a variety of piano playing controls, including displaying note names in the note head, changing the color of illumination, and many other options.
Learn Anywhere Accuracy Accuracy of notes is also stored on your computing device, so you can review your play after you are done. The system also waits for you to play the correct keys, so you can step through a piece of music at your own pace, regardless of the actual tempo.
Standard Platforms Standard Platforms Everything we have built we have built as a platform. Our score rendering system is based on the open MusicXML format, allowing for rapid introduction of new content into the system. Our keyboard uses the MIDI platform for communication.
Learn Anywhere Learn Anywhere Full offline access, so you can play your piano anywhere that you have power.